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    This is only my second ferment At 6 1/2 days I don’t see the bubbling action I saw with my first ferment. When I removed the top at 3 days, there was no mold, and nothing floating on top. Just the cloudiness of the water.

    It’s carrots and fresh ginger ferment using those peeled baby carrots in a plastic package. Could that be why I’m not seeing the bubbling I saw with my first ferment of string beans and Persian cukes?
    I’m using the same set up as in the first ferment: a pickle pipe top which allows the gases to escape, and a glass weight in a 34 ounce Mason jar. TIA.


    If the carrots were already peeled and cleaned, it’s quite likely that the natural probiotic bacteria normally present on the skin of the veggies we ferment were removed so you ended up with a more sterile ferment. It may simply take longer to get going than your normal ferment. You could add some unpeeled carrot or radish to the ferment at this point and see if that inoculates the batch sufficiently. Keep us posted. It would be good to see how this turns out over time. Thanks and good luck!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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