Discovering Nepal’s “Achaar” — 5 Comments

  1. I’d like to know how it keeps unrefrigerated – my kimchee turns to mush after a month or two. (there are great uses for that, but it’s not kimchee any more)

    • I keep mine refrigerated, but the woman who shared hers with me kept hers in a dark cool place. I think these things keep fine when unrefrigerated in general, but we still need to be cautious about mold spores landing on your kimchi and taking hold. If you keep your kimchi compressed so the liquid remains above the surface, and keep mold spores out, either through use of an airlock, fermenting crock or covered with good cloth, I would expect better longevity.

  2. Hi, Have you added an Achaar recipe here? Did not locate it.

    Also on the ShivaKraut, haver you tried ginger both ways – fresh vs powdered? Much difference? Thanks!

    • I have not added an achaar recipe yet. Been meaning to, but haven’t fully perfected it yet.

      As to ginger, I’m always a fan of fresh ginger as opposed to dried. Dried ginger doesn’t seem to have nearly the same rich flavor found in fresh ginger. Good luck!

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