How to Lose Weight and Keep it Off by Eating Fermented Foods — 3 Comments

    • Personally I don’t eat much processed food and chips nor do I add salt to my cooking so having salt in my fermented foods isn’t a big concern to me. Cutting out the unhealthy salted foods is always recommended. I’ve been experimenting more with adding less salt to my ferments too as I’d prefer less salty flavor in some, and I’d like to be able to recommend less salt in my recipes. Some folks add whey to their ferments to jumpstart and more quickly stabilize the fermentation process and thus successfully use less salt. Good luck!

  1. Remember that your ability to digest dairy depends 100% on whether or not you have the gene that makes you lactose tolerant as an adult. This was the last major genetic mutation in homo sapiens and happened around 8-10,000 B.C. About 25% of the world population is able to digest lactose as adults. If you are in that group, then dairy offers important benefits and absolutely should not be avoided. It’s one of the fastest spreading genetic mutations in human history, and even though everyone didn’t get the benefit of lactose tolerance… it evolved for a reason.

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