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  1. You mention to let the giardiniera ferment for a few weeks. In your experience, is three weeks optimal for flavour or does it need more time? I look forward to making this. Another healthy snack in my fridge….

    • Three weeks seems about right for this one. It’s plenty tart in that time which to me is what we’re striving for taste-wise. I’m sure you could go longer. In fact, I’m running another batch which I plan to let go for 6 weeks just to test a longer ferment.

  2. This has always been one of my favorite treats!! Starting a new batch of red cabbage and beets today, this will be right along side of it!! Thanks!!!

    • Just put in as much as you can get to fit in the jar. I found about 2 to 2 1/2 pounds of ingredients worked for a 1/2 gallon container so approx a 1 to 1 1/4 pounds of ingredients is probably about right for a quart. So yes, halve the ingredients for a quart. Good luck!

  3. I have a question, first time using only salt, have used whey in all my other projects. There is a rim of white all around the top right at the top of the liquid, is this normal?Is it just a salt thing? I put this up on the 19th and it just showed up a couple days ago.

    • It is very likely kahm yeast that is growing on top of your ferment. Along with the bacteria needed for fermentation, the vegetables we use also often are home to natural yeasts. That yeast sometimes can take hold in a ferment as well.

      I can’t make any guarantees as to food safety, especially at a distance, but when ferments go bad, it’s usually because a mold has set in and that often gets fuzzy and can have an unpleasant odor. Kahm yeast is generally harmless in consumption, but you need to make your own decisions as to what is good or harmful for your own body.

      I’ve been running further experiments with the giardiniera and ended up with a kahm yeast growing on one of mine as well.

      To remove kahm yeast, i generally just place a paper towel atop the film and let friction and absorption pick up most of it. I then swipe around the edges inside the vessel with another paper towel to remove more of the yeast.

      • I made mine just short of two weeks ago and also have the white film at the top of the liquid. I also seem to have a white sediment in the bottom of the one gallon glass container I am using. I have sampled a few pieces of the vegetables, and they seem fine: getting crunchy and tart. Is it likely this same kahm yeast that I am seeing at the bottom? Do I need to worry about it?

        • I replied to a comment on this same recipe not too long ago which referenced the same issue. I too had some Kahm yeast on another batch of giardinera. I don’t know about what is at the bottom of your ferment. I’ve only seem Kahm yeast on the surface. Use your taste and instincts on this. Food safety is always best left to the individual as I can’t really assess safety from a distance. Good luck!

  4. Am I crazy to double this recipe? I have a nice 1 gallon jar I picked up at my local international market, and I would like to make a big batch of the giardiniera. Am I overreaching for my second go at vegetable fermentation?

  5. Made a 5 liter crock full. Substituted the onions in the recipe with pearl onions. Also, just checked after five full weeks and found it’s not quite tart enough. Nice and tender crisp, but still a little bland. I’ll give it another week before transferring to quart jars and vacuum sealing then storing in the fridge. Any ideas for increasing the tartness sooner?

    • Given that you made more than I did in this recipe, it’s possible that you ended up with more water in yours and thus diluted the acidity a little more and thus the tartness hasn’t appeared as you might have liked. No harm in leaving this one out as long as you like to continue to mature and get more tart. If it were me, I’d leave it out indefinitely until the taste comes around to your liking. It will of course continue to get more tart over time in the refrigerator as well, albeit more slowly. No other suggestions really.

  6. I’m making this in a taller Kilner fermentation jar with airlock – after a few weeks, once it’s ready to put in the fridge, can I transfer to smaller jars and is it necessary to keep the liquid brine?

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