Fermented Tomatillo Salsa — 11 Comments

  1. I can’t wait to try this. Coincidentally, a batch of your tomatillo kraut ( matured last night and I served it to delighted house guests as a salsa! I guarantee that a spoonful of your tomatillo kraut on a multigrain blue corn chip with a dollop of crème fraîche ( will give you a brand-new kitchen dance. This batch also had just a hint of carbonation in the juice owing to my fermenting it under pressure in a fido jar. The extra zing from the carbonation gave it a wonderfully unexpected finish. I’m doing the same thing with your curtido and your ginger beet kraut (which I made with bright yellow beets and carrots instead of red beets). Those won’t finish for a few days, but we previewed them last night and they were both phenomenal as kraut-salsas.

    • Hey John, thanks for the idea of fermenting under pressure. I’ll perhaps give that a try too and see how that goes. Love that you are trying so many different ferments from the site. Pleases me to know that these recipes are really getting worked. If you have any suggested modifications or other ideas, please let me know. Enjoy!

  2. I’m getting ready to go get some tomatillos to make this today at a fermenting group meeting. Will report back in a week if I remember. My husband and I love salsa and we love fermenting.

  3. This was the first fermenting recipe I made (other than an old standby Moroccan preserved lemons). It worked! I went on to the kimchi, also great.

    Mix this 50/50 with mayo for a wonderful “tartar sauce.”

  4. Found a sauerkraut recipe in an old blue book, better than bagged or canned, though I love them both too, green salsa goes well on tortilla a slice of deli ham n cheese, melted w/ lettuce n salsa rolled up, kids love it…

  5. Thinking of trying this with my green tomatoes (tons on the vine still) instead of tomatillos. I did this sub in Rick Bayless’ roasted tomatillo salsa and it is delicious. Also will use as a sub in my mole verde (recipe author approved of this idea).
    Question for you about fermenting though….I though that citric acid retards the fermentation process by killing the beneficial bacteria. Is that wrong? I certainly love the idea of the lime juice, but can you clarify this and how it still ferments.

    • Hi Susan, I personally haven’t heard or read anything about citric acid killing beneficial bacteria. If you have any references to cite, I’d be curious to learn more. Adding lime juice instantly lowers the pH significantly which certainly prevents microorganisms which can cause food poisoning to survive. I just did a test and simply adding a teaspoon of lime juice to a glass of water lowered the pH to under 3.0. At a pH level of 4.6 or less, toxins formed by the deadly organism causing botulism are inhibited.

      • citric acid is bad and chemical, whereas lime or lemon juice is natural and good. I would stay away from citric acid, you do not do your a favor using it for eating or drinking.

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