Watermelon Radish Ferment — 4 Comments

  1. Would you use the same recipe for whole red radishes? I saw your comment that you were making some right now, though I did not notice a published recipe. Thanks!

    • Hey Paul, nice to hear from you. You can try simply submerging the whole radishes in a brine and give it some time. If you want to slice up the radishes, then you can try it this way. I’ll publish the whole radish post after I complete the fermentation. Need to go through the entire process first before making a recommendation for recipe. Good luck!

  2. Ted,
    I fermented the Watermelon Radishes recipe in August 22-29 of 2017. My wife was cleaning the refrigerator recently and I opened and ate a few and am still upright.
    Does the rule still apply that if it smells okay and tastes okay, it is okay to keep in refrigerator?
    It is coming up on 3 years!
    Thank you for your Recipes,
    Raynold Jackson
    Townsend, MA

    • Hi Raynold,

      The rule really is that you need to use your own judgment. The pH tends to be very low in these older ferments which has the effect of generally keeping them more foodsafe. I commonly eat older ferments, but again, it is your judgment that has to rule the day. Thanks for writing.

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