Fermented Brussel Sprouts — 4 Comments

  1. Am curious if anyone has used frozen/thawed brussell sprouts in any fermentation recipe. Before freezing the brussel sprouts, I imagine the preparer rinsed them, possibly removing some beneficial bacteria. Otherwise they have no additives.

    • I’ve never tried, but I wouldn’t worry about any rinsing as the microbes would very likely withstand that. I’d be more concerned about whether they were irradiated. If so, they would be labeled as such.

  2. I have had Brussel Sprout Kimchi doing it’s thing for over a month. They are hard as rocks still and hard for this Senior to eat, even tho delicious. I have Xmas presents instead of a personal stash. I cut them in halves. Next time maybe shred them? I’m bummed! I know I can cook them, but probiotic effort will be out the door. Dang!

    • Hi Andi, sorry to hear the Brussel Sprout Kimchi (from that other recipe) didn’t soften enough for you, but I’ve got a great solution! You can always drain the brine now, throw them through your food processor (or chop them up by hand) and then re-combine with the brine and continue the fermentation. The sequence in which you do things doesn’t always matter in fermentation.

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