Fermented Brussel Sprouts — 6 Comments

  1. Am curious if anyone has used frozen/thawed brussell sprouts in any fermentation recipe. Before freezing the brussel sprouts, I imagine the preparer rinsed them, possibly removing some beneficial bacteria. Otherwise they have no additives.

    • I’ve never tried, but I wouldn’t worry about any rinsing as the microbes would very likely withstand that. I’d be more concerned about whether they were irradiated. If so, they would be labeled as such.

  2. I have had Brussel Sprout Kimchi doing it’s thing for over a month. They are hard as rocks still and hard for this Senior to eat, even tho delicious. I have Xmas presents instead of a personal stash. I cut them in halves. Next time maybe shred them? I’m bummed! I know I can cook them, but probiotic effort will be out the door. Dang!

    • Hi Andi, sorry to hear the Brussel Sprout Kimchi (from that other recipe) didn’t soften enough for you, but I’ve got a great solution! You can always drain the brine now, throw them through your food processor (or chop them up by hand) and then re-combine with the brine and continue the fermentation. The sequence in which you do things doesn’t always matter in fermentation.

  3. New to fermenting veggies. I don’t see where you add water to your jars when packing for fermenting. Does it make all the liquid on its own from the sweating? Most recipes call for a brine to be poured over.

    • All the liquid necessary is generally released from the vegetables. The salt helps break down the cell walls to release the liquid and the pressure placed on top helps as well.

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