Fermented Cashew Milk — 8 Comments

  1. I just shared your post with a Facebook group I belong to. It sounds like a very thin yogurt that has a tart (long fermenting time) taste. I will definitely give it a try! It sounds like it would be tasty in a creamy salad dressing in place of yogurt or mayo.

  2. This looks like a really useful recipe, thank you. I’d just like to ask, can kefir be used instead of yogurt? Also, if using yogurt, does the whole little container need to be used? (It’s much more than is required to make the equivalent amount of dairy yogurt.). Thanks again for the recipe.

    • Thanks Hellie. I’m not sure about using kefir grains. If someone else has thoughts about that that they’d like to share, please comment here. I’m sure you don’t really need to use the whole container of yogurt. The point is simply to inoculate the cashew milk with the culture and let it start feeding.

      • I use milk kefir grains for all kinds of plant based milks and it works perfectly! They do need actual (cow)dairy every now and then though in order to stay “alive”. So I just alternate every other batch: dairy for one batch and plant milk for the next etc.

  3. With the instant pot method… Ok.. I know this is a silly question.. but do you just put the milk in the pot and hit the yogurt setting

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