How Long Will My Ferment Last? — 13 Comments

    • I wish I could answer that for you intelligently, but it is not in my area of expertise. I eat mostly vegan so meats and egg ferments aren’t a staple part of my diet/kitchen. I’ll be adding a forum to this site shortly, so that our greater community might be able to assist with questions such as yours. Good luck!

  1. Hey!

    I have access to some kale bloom (not open) heads. We use then like broccoli rabe – tastes great! I want to do a ferment of them like sauerkraut. An suggestion for herbs/seeds etc to compliment? I was thinking about garlic, dill pepper flakes. Kind of like a dill pickle. Suggestions?

    • I’m not quite sure as I haven’t tasted the kale bloom heads before. Not sure about the Garlic-Dill but that may work too. Perhaps something sweet with them like pieces of raisins or dates. Ginger might be interesting as well. Let us know what you try and how it goes. Thanks Daphnee and good luck.

    • It’s generally not necessary to transfer to vinegar as the fermentation process creates it’s own acidic environment which acts as a preservative. If you do transfer to vinegar, it’s likely that some of the beneficial micro-organisms will die off since the new environment may not be hospitable to them. The nutritive value as well as the “pre-biotic” value is still there in the food. So in terms of probiotic benefit, it may be hampered by transferring to vinegar, but there remain viable healthy reasons for still eating it. Hope that helps.

    • Hard to know. It’s possible that it was a particularly active fermentation and the lactobacillus consumed most of the available starches/sugars. This would cause it to slow or perhaps even stop. Does it smell fine? Taste? Maybe it’s simply done and ready?

  2. Dear Fermin Ted, I am new at this, and am just wondering if when it is time to transfer my jarred veggies to the fridge, can I still use the a silicone airlock or switch to either a sterilized metal or plastic lid? Thanks! Lee☺

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