Immune Boosting Sauerkraut — 3 Comments

  1. Your sauerkraut sounds delicious!
    I want to share with you my tonic, which I’ve been making for years, so simple. I keep my ‘leftovers’ crock on my kitchen counter, never refrigerated, and continue to add the chopped remnants of all the vegetables I use for fermenting or general cooking. Once a month, I transfer the spicy, bubbling liquid to mason jars which I then keep in the refrigerator. The tonic is a combination of ginger, cabbage, bell peppers, hot peppers, copious amounts of fresh, chopped garlic, parsley, kale, squash, cukes, and lots of etcetera’s. Once a month, I scoop out all of the vegetables and use them as compost and begin again, leaving some of the fermented juice as a legacy starter, much like a sourdough mother.
    What I do then, makes for a wonderful, sour tonic. I fill a glass halfway with fresh, home-fermented, whole at milk yogurt and the other with my tonic. I drink this concoction twice a day as either a between meal snack, or a complete meal. I know this is anecdotal, but I haven’t has as much as a sniffle in years! Thanks for all of your wonderful recipes!

  2. This stuff is off the charts good. I made extra juice but not enough. I can’t walk by the fridge without taking a swig. I went so far as to sacrifice a quart jars worth just for the juice. Very tasty!

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