Sea Kraut — 7 Comments

  1. This looks like a commercial seakraut that is really great. Can’t wait to try it. Wondering if there is a good substitute for the golden beet? They are not that easy to find where I live.

    • There is a lot of flexibility in fermenting recipes. Go on and get creative and see what happens. You could omit the beet entirely. I might try small cubes of daikon radish as a substitute. Regular red radish would work too, but would impart a little pinkish color to the overall ferment.

      Good luck!

  2. Hello from Vancouver Island, Canada:
    I’m totally new to fermenting. I love sea vegetables and will be making the Sea Kraut. When I pack fermented vegetables into mason jars, how long can they be kept on my pantry shelf? Months or years?

    • You really can’t keep feremnted goods on your pantry shelf in mason jars. When foods ferment (and your ferments will continue to ferment after you place them in jars, they release gasses which will put more and more pressure on the jars/lids. I always store my ferments in the refrigerator once I jar them up, which significantly slows the fermentation process to the point where expansion doesn’t seem to create much of a problem. In my experience, in the refrigerator, ferments will keep almost indefinitely. They will continue to get increasingly more sour with time. Use your judgment (and taste of course), but if it still seems good over months or years, it probably is.

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