Tempeh – How to Make your Own Tempeh from Scratch — 5 Comments

  1. This looks so simple! Excited to try it. Would it work just as well if I lined the plastic bags with parchment paper? I’m trying to avoid a lot of plastic-food contact these days. Thanks!

    • Understood. You don’t have to use plastic bags. You need a form of some sort that has holes poked in it. When I first started making tempeh, I used cheap aluminum disposable baking pans topped with aluminum foil with holes poked in them. Some folks have used tupperware. Not sure about lining the bags with parchment paper, but it you can pull it off, I think it would work fine. Make sure the holes in the bag line up with the holes in the parchment paper so it an breathe/vent properly.

  2. If you have a food dehydrator, this is an excellent place to mature your tempeh once it’s ready to go. Set the Dehydrator to between 28C – 33C, and set the timer to 48 hours. However, DO check the temperature after 12 hours, because as the beans ferment, they will generate their own warmth, so you may need to adjust the temperature downwards by a few degrees…However, the time remains the same.
    You’ll be able to tell they’re done when the mass is solid, and they look as if they have been wrapped in cotton wool…

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