Fermenting Our Way Through the Coronavirus Lockdown — 8 Comments

    • I’m actually vegan. For me there is no need for dairy since what I believe to be healthier plant-based options are available.

      Not sure what you’re asking about fruit, but I do love fruits, yes.

  1. Oooh! We’re quite interested in the fermented ginger drink! So far we are into making our own kombucha, curtido kraut, red cabbage and beet kraut, sourdough bread, and escabeche. We have been eating the whole food, plant-based way for two years and counting, and are loving the increase in health and energy.

    • Sounds like you are super fermenters! That’s great. I’d love to hear about your escabeche. I’m a big fan on red onions. Is it a standard ferment adding onion to a salted brine, or so you simply salt the onions and let them release their liquid. Do share….!

  2. Wondering where you get your tempeh starter? Everyone recommends Gem but apparently they don’t sell it anymore and Cultures for Health is a bit pricey for the tiny amount you get.

  3. Love all the recipes you mentioned here and just waiting for Stinky Tofu. I find it on rare occasions at the Wednesday Market. It is wonderful fried. The last one I found a tribal woman had just arrived with just a few containers of it and I just happened to be there buying Burmese Tofu. Her stinky tofu was hairy with mold and I was a bit unsure, but it was delicious. I will try your cashew milk ferment soon. Boy you have a lot of nice utilities for your preparation of these rare treats. Also, I will make dosa again now. I had completely forgotten dosa. You told me about it while you were traveling in India and I made it first from your description and we enjoyed it often, but then I forgot all about it. Thanks for this up date. Great time to learn if you people are stuck inside for too long. Sandy

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